The Advanced Materials Show USA will showcase the very latest in high performance materials technology for applications including Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Semiconductors, Batteries, Electronics and Energy.

Leaders in R&D, materials science and engineering will use the show to source the latest advanced materials; along with the scientific instruments and processing equipment necessary for the development, manufacture and processing of advanced materials.

Technology and Materials represented include Technical Ceramics, Electronic Materials, 2D Materials, Printed Electronics, Composites, Coatings, Metals, and cutting-edge materials.

The city of Columbus (OH) is the perfect location to bring advanced materials technology to not only end-users but product developers at the forefront of high-performance materials technology.

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Testimonials about the show

We have been very busy it’s a good flow today and we have met a number of people from academia and industry, a little of everything! It’s been great, it’s been a good show so far!

Craig McMillan, Product Application Specialist, Allied High Tech Products, Inc.

The Advanced Materials Show is able to bring together industry players and advanced technology. The intersection of academia and industry having these two shows co-located brings together innovation and collaboration

Lucy Li, Ph.D, Senior Field Application Engineer, Forge Nano

I think it’s a great opportunity for everybody in these industries, namely the aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy spaces to come into one spot see all the different tools that are available; to be able to collaborate with colleagues; and for students to come in and see the technologies that they may not see in a school setting, and to see them in a real life application.

Jeff Scott, Vice President Business Development, FRITSCH Miling & Sizing, Inc.

I think that the show in general is a great opportunity for suppliers and users of these products to get together and find mutual interests. We’ve had an excellent beginning to the show, several hours in we are close to 150 qualified new leads.

George A. Conrad II, Founder & President, GeoCorp, Inc.

Rather than having one conference with that focus, having two conferences come together and really enhance the coverage with more people, more visibility, and more experts in one room- you’ve done a really good job!

Aaron Walczewski, Product Manager – Inorganics, LECO Corporation

The 2022 Nanotechnology Show was an amazing experience. Princeton Scientific is excited to have met so many science industry professionals, researchers, and academics. It is with great pleasure that we have rebooked for the 2023 tradeshow. We look forward to expanding our reach in the scientific community, and we are grateful to have the Nanotechnology Show to help us accomplish this.

Tim Eldred, Electron Microscopist, Product Marketing Manager, Protochips

I think there’s a lot of overlap between what is going on in the conference sessions at MS&T- the topics that people are talking about, their research- and what’s being shown here at The Advanced Materials Show from all the different exhibitors. You’ve really got all the pieces you need together for materials research and production!

Shawn Allan, Vice President, Lithoz America, LLC

I think this is a good show because it brings communities together between people in the shows. The ceramic industry and the steel industry- they are different, but they are quite close together in new materials, techniques, and measurement capabilities. I think this is a good crossroads for people to come together and learn about new techniques, measurements, materials, and science.

Rick Hapanowicz, Ph.D., Director of North American Sales, Quantum Design North America

Applications including:

Visit The Advanced Materials Show UK

You can join our fantastic show in the UK too! A free-to-attend exhibition and conference that brings together a highly focused audience, all involved in the research, production, purchasing or integration of advanced materials technology including Graphene & 2D Materials, Composites, Polymers, Coatings, and Ceramics.