Interview with Rhineland Specialties

We chatted with Rhineland Specialties about their upcoming innovations and what they will be bringing to their booth.

Interview with Sensofar Metrology

What are the benefits of your technologies? Since our inception, 20 years ago, Sensofar released the first ever 3D optical profilometer combining three optical technologies in one sensor head. These technologies, Confocal, Interferometry and Focus Variation make our products very versatile to reach multiple markets and applications. Apart from constantly improving these technologies to make… Continue

Interview with Epic Advanced Materials

We spoke to Rodney Sappington, CEO of Epic Advanced Materials about overcoming problems within the scientific community and what they will be bringing to the shows in October.

Interview with Nanotech Energy

What is the core mission of Nanotech Energy and what are you looking to achieve in the future? Nanotech Energy is bringing to reality graphene’s potential to revolutionize the way we power our world. Having developed and produced single-layer graphene, graphene oxide products as well as graphene batteries with unparalleled performance, Nanotech Energy’s mission is… Continue

Interview with CPS Technologies’ Gregg Weatherman, National Sales Manager

1. What technologies or materials do you specialise in? CPS Technologies specializes in metal matrix composites (MMCs) for microelectronics, thermal management solutions, and structural applications. CPS AlSiC (silicon carbide-reinforced aluminum) combines favorable thermal (low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity) and mechanical (low density, high stiffness) properties that allow it to be leveraged and tailored to… Continue