Interview with Richard Clark, Global Lead – Energy Storage, Morgan Advanced Materials

We spoke to Richard Clark, speaker at this year’s conference and Global Lead – Energy Storage at Morgan Advanced Materials, about solid state, the future challenges of the industry and what he is looking forward to at the event.

Interview with Mano Manoharan, Chief Technologist – Industrialization, GE Aviation

We spoke to Mano Manoharan about why our shows are so integral to the growth of the industry, the joys of being a material scientist and more.

Interview with David Hatrick, VP of Innovation, Huntsman Advanced Materials

What’s your role and responsibility within your current organization, and how does it fit into the wider industry?  I’m Vice President of Innovation at Huntsman Advanced Materials, with responsibility for the R&D activities of Huntsman Advanced Materials globally. I oversee a network of 12 labs with our biggest centers in Switzerland, Texas, and Shanghai. I… Continue