The Advanced Materials Connectivity Series: Automotive

The automotive industry has become a fundamental part of the US economy and everyday life for many people with 15+ million vehicles sold across the US in 2020 alone. Edison New Jersey, home to The Advanced Materials Show USA, gets its name from the inventor Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was granted 147 patents for battery technology and created a partnership with Ford Motors to create a more efficient electric vehicle at the turn of the 20th century. Since then, battery technology has vastly improved and continues to be a catalyst for regeneration and development in the US. As the birthplace of the US revolution, it has led the way forward for US industrialization.

There has been significant growth in the US since the 20th century with just under 1.8 million electric vehicles registered over 800,000 people employed directly within the automotive industry. This is only set to grow with the integration of autonomous vehicle development, electric vehicle technologies and sustainability targets. Now that we can harness the power of other advanced materials such as graphene, we can see the manufacturing capability and infrastructure for electric vehicles through infused components.

New Jersey is home to Subaru of America, Volvo Cars of North America, Ford Motor Company, Panasonic, New Jersey Community College Consortium’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Initiative, which is leading the way to the forefront of automotive manufacturing innovation and education.  

The automotive manufacturing industry is setting the bar when it comes to new developments, some of the ways we have seen this in 2021 is:

– Lightweighting structural components for the automotive manufacturing industry most recently with the incorporation of Graphene a 2D super material with significant capabilities.  

– QuantumScape development of a 10-Layer Solid-State Battery Development for improved safety in the future of EV manufacturing.

– Form Energy’s creation of an iron-air battery which is designed to be used in energy-storage applications for a low cost but high energy output for home grids. 

The Advanced Materials Show USA is a dedicated show for end users, product developers, OEM’s and the entire material manufacturing supply chain. Those who visit will have a shared focus on seeking the latest materials, innovations and technology and will find new products, suppliers and partners all under one roof. Featured exhibitors include Ferrotec a diversified technology company with a worldwide presence in a broad array of end products, manufacturing systems, and industries.

Alongside the exhibition, we have a world-class conference. Kapil Deshpande, Lead Applications Scientist – Advanced Materials at Croda is leading our session on Integrating Nano into Advanced Materials Product at 10:45 am on day two and in the afternoon, we have a must-see session Finding the Limit in Lightweighting for Transportation Applications.

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The Advanced Materials Show USA

October 13th – 14th 2021