Advisory Board


Selina Ambrose

Technical Manager at Promethean Particles

Terrance Barkan

Executive Director at The Graphene Council

Doreen Edwards

Dean at Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Ian Fellows


Paul Ferguson

Dir. of Business Development - NTeC at CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc.

Keibock Lee

CEO at Park Systems

Leroy Magwood, Jr. Ph.D

Chief Technologist at XG Sciences

Landon Mertz

CEO at Cerion

Jacob Trevino, PhD

Principle Scientist at Chemeleon

Zsolt Pulai

Executive Vice President, Technology at HZO Inc.

Juan Schneider

CEO at NanoGrande

Jason Taylor

CTO at BNNano

James Trevey

Chief Technology Officer at Forge Nano

Marine Le bouar

CEO at Nanotechnology World Association