Richard Clark

Global Lead - Energy Storage at Morgan Advanced Materials

Abey Abraham

Managing Director - Automotive & Transportation at DUCKER

Shawn Allan

VP and Materials Engineer at Lithoz

Jay Amarasekera

Senior Manager at SABIC Ventures

Terrance Barkan

CEO at Graphene Council

Prof. Craig Brice

Executive Director of the Alliance for the Development of Additive Processing Technologies (ADAPT) at Mines

Dr. Chung-Chueh Chang

Project Director & Instrumentation Scientist, Thermomechanical & Imaging Nanoscale Characterization (ThINC) at Stony Brook University

Dr Richard Collins

Principal Scientist at IDTechEx

Prof. Denis Cormier

Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology

Rick Costantino

CTO at Group14

Sona Dadhania

3D Printing Analyst at IDTechEx

Michael Davenport

Executive Director at Auto/ Steel Partnership

Dr. Kapil Deshpande

Lead Applications Scientist - Advanced Materials at Croda

Dr. Leroy Magwood, Jr. Ph.D

Chief Technologist at XG Sciences

Dr. Stephen Farias

Chief Scientific Officer at Materic

Dr. Lisa Friedersdorf

Director at National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US Government

Prof. Oleg Gang

Columbia University and Brookhaven National Lab at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dr. Matthew Ganter

Director of the RIT Battery Prototyping Center at Rochester Institute of Technology

Dr. Hari Harikumar

General Manager - New Ventures at CHASM

Dr. David Hatrick

VP Innovation at Huntsman Advanced Materials

Dr. Christine Heckle

Research Director at Corning

Anna Ivashko

Catalyst Scale-Up Technologist at ExxonMobil

Dr. Preeti Kamakoti

Technology Lead - Data Driven Materials R&D at ExxonMobil

Dr. Hoon Kim

Director of Technology at Nanotech Industrial Solutions

Ken Klapproth

Chief Marketing Officer at CHASM Advanced Materials

August Krupp

Director of Rubber Development at Molecular Rebar Design

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

VP Technology at Specialty Coating Systems

Prof. Santosh Kurinec

Professor of Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology

James Lallo

Product Marketing Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific

James Y. Lancaster

CEO at Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc.

Dr. Ken Malone

CEO at Materic

Dr. Mano Manoharan

Chief Technologist - Industrialization at GE Aviation

Landon Mertz

CEO at Cerion Nanomaterials

Bruce Orr

Director at Chemical Search Internationals

Dr. Munirathna Padmanaban

Senior Engineering Manager at JSR Micro Inc.

Dr. Katrin Parsiegla

Director Of Quality Control at Cerion Nanomaterials

Dr. Frederick Pearsall

Product Marketing Manager at Zeiss

Prof. Deirdre M. O’Carroll

Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University

Zsolt Pulai

EVP, Technology and R&D at HZO Inc.

Dr. Rodney Sappington

CEO at Epic Advanced Materials

Doug Singer

Executive Vice President — Manufacturing, Development, and Commercialization at Cerion Nanomaterials

Kurt Swogger

CEO at Molecular Rebar Design

Barry Theal

CEO at sb3coatings

Dr. James Trevey

CTO at Forge Nano

Chiara Venturini

Director General at Nanotechnology Industries Association

Robert Wahba

Director at Armus

Steve Wilcenski

CEO at BNNano

Bruce Wilner

Director at Activate Nano