The Advanced Materials Show and The Nanotechnology Show Announce Exhibition Partnership with MS&T

The Advanced Materials Show, The Nanotechnology Show and The Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) have announced an exhibition partnership, which sees the three events co-locating next year on October 11-12, 2022, at the David L. Lawrence Conference Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. This new partnership also means Event Partners, the organizers of The Advanced Materials Show… Continue

Interview with Richard Clark, Global Lead – Energy Storage, Morgan Advanced Materials

We spoke to Richard Clark, speaker at this year’s conference and Global Lead – Energy Storage at Morgan Advanced Materials, about solid state, the future challenges of the industry and what he is looking forward to at the event.

Interview with Rhineland Specialties

We chatted with Rhineland Specialties about their upcoming innovations and what they will be bringing to their booth.

Interview with Fischer Technology

We interviewed Fischer Technology about the future of instrumentation, sustainability and more.

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Defense

The biggest industries can sometimes be the most hidden. Defense is not something actively on most people’s mind’s day to day but something that is all around us constantly. The global defense industry revenue is just shy of $2 trillion dollars per year and is expected to grow 2.8% in 2021, crossing that threshold. The… Continue

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Aerospace

The last 70 years has been a period of exponential growth for the aerospace industry specifically within the US, which has become the global leader with a highly educated and skilled workforce, leading technology and innovation backed by strong support from the government and policies. 1903 was the birth year of the industry in the… Continue

Interview with Mano Manoharan, Chief Technologist – Industrialization, GE Aviation

We spoke to Mano Manoharan about why our shows are so integral to the growth of the industry, the joys of being a material scientist and more.

The Advanced Materials Connectivity Series: Ceramics

‘Ceramic’ originates from the Greek word meaning pottery which is a reference to traditional ceramics derived from naturally occurring raw materials. Modern ceramics, which can include traditional ceramics, are well known for their versatility as well as being technically high-performing or advanced materials with capabilities across multiple applications. Largely, technical ceramics can be a combination… Continue

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Coatings

The coatings industry plays a key part in the US economy with a strong role in the manufacturing industry, adding value to existing products, enhancing their lifespan, resiliency and performance. Sustainability is the keyword of 2021 in the manufacturing industry, how we produce, sustain and dispose of products during their lifecycle is pertinent to the… Continue

Interview with Sensofar Metrology

What are the benefits of your technologies? Since our inception, 20 years ago, Sensofar released the first ever 3D optical profilometer combining three optical technologies in one sensor head. These technologies, Confocal, Interferometry and Focus Variation make our products very versatile to reach multiple markets and applications. Apart from constantly improving these technologies to make… Continue