Micromilling of uniform nanoparticles for
space applications

By Curtis W. Hill and Lee Allen Fritsch micromills have enhanced one NASA lab’s ability to develop optimized ceramic nanoparticulate materials for demanding research projects, including energy storage and thermoelectric device applications Our laboratory at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville, Ala.) develops materials and processesfor NASA’s exploration missions and the International Space Station. This… Continue

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Defense

The biggest industries can sometimes be the most hidden. Defense is not something actively on most people’s mind’s day to day but something that is all around us constantly. The global defense industry revenue is just shy of $2 trillion dollars per year and is expected to grow 2.8% in 2021, crossing that threshold. The… Continue

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Aerospace

The last 70 years has been a period of exponential growth for the aerospace industry specifically within the US, which has become the global leader with a highly educated and skilled workforce, leading technology and innovation backed by strong support from the government and policies. 1903 was the birth year of the industry in the… Continue

The Advanced Materials Connectivity Series: Ceramics

‘Ceramic’ originates from the Greek word meaning pottery which is a reference to traditional ceramics derived from naturally occurring raw materials. Modern ceramics, which can include traditional ceramics, are well known for their versatility as well as being technically high-performing or advanced materials with capabilities across multiple applications. Largely, technical ceramics can be a combination… Continue

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Coatings

The coatings industry plays a key part in the US economy with a strong role in the manufacturing industry, adding value to existing products, enhancing their lifespan, resiliency and performance. Sustainability is the keyword of 2021 in the manufacturing industry, how we produce, sustain and dispose of products during their lifecycle is pertinent to the… Continue

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Composites

We think about materials being an individual entity, but what about when we combine them? Composites have been around for centuries with the originals being formed simply from mud and straw in construction to build more durable housing. Modern composites however bring us a new normal for advanced materials with lightweighting, increased strength, reinforcement, conductivity,… Continue

The Advanced Materials Connectivity Series: Automotive

The automotive industry has become a fundamental part of the US economy and everyday life for many people with 15+ million vehicles sold across the US in 2020 alone. Edison New Jersey, home to The Advanced Materials Show USA, gets its name from the inventor Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was granted 147 patents for battery… Continue

The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Nanotechnology

As humanity expands, nanotechnology takes a deeper dive into traditional approaches and finding ways to enhance the capabilities as well as superseded current applications. It is thought to have begun as early as the 4th Century with The Lycurgus cup being the first example of dichroic glass. Nanotechnology has boomed exponentially in the last 20… Continue