Interview with Sensofar Metrology

What are the benefits of your technologies?

Since our inception, 20 years ago, Sensofar released the first ever 3D optical profilometer combining three optical technologies in one sensor head. These technologies, Confocal, Interferometry and Focus Variation make our products very versatile to reach multiple markets and applications.

Apart from constantly improving these technologies to make our systems faster, more accurate and more reliable, we have also released a new product, the S wide, with another optical technique: Fringe Projection.

Could you tell us more about your metrology division?

Sensofar began with our metrology division. After 20 years, we can proudly say it is steadily growing. It is currently focused on surface characterization and markets such as automotive & aerospace, advanced manufacturing, archaeology & paleontology, consumer electronics, defense & security, medical devices, and optics and tooling. We are always in search of new applications, and new manufacturing processes, like additive manufacturing where our products will have a big impact.

The Sensofar group is a leading-edge technology company divided into two divisions, Metrology and Medical. Do you have any plans to branch out into others?

We are not planning to branch out into other divisions because we strongly believe we still have room to grow in both divisions. There are new manufacturing processes, new applications, new materials, etc. where our solutions will improve the processes.

What can visitors expect from your stand?

Visitors will find a Sensofar representative who will carefully listen to their needs. If they find we are the solution to their surface metrology problems, we will accompany them through purchase process, and post-sale. Great products and service are our top priority.

What are you looking forward to demonstrating at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA?

There will be one or two microscopes to make live demos with. Specifically, we will present the S neox, possibly the most versatile optical profilometer on the market. It combines several optical technologies in the same measuring head, and surface analysis solutions for both R&D and QC. We encourage visitors to bring their real samples to see what our products and 3D optical technologies are capable of.

Our goal, in addition to accurately and reliably measuring, is that our customers are able to measure as many sample types as possible with the same system. This microscope can characterize samples with sub-nanometer roughness, typical in optics and semiconductor manufacturing, up to tens of microns, more typical in additive manufacturing.

What excites you most about the advanced materials industry?

Materials science is exciting. The emergence of new materials affects us and improves our daily lives. They are applied in all kinds of markets, from aerospace & automotive to consumer electronics, etc… and we are proud to see how our equipment has helped thousands of researchers develop their work.

What will you be looking out for yourselves at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA 2021?

It will be one of our first exhibitions after the pandemic, and we are excited to meet our existing customers and get to know new ones. We want to get deeper in the US market.

We have evolved our equipment a lot during this period, and it is time for people to see it live. We think the Nanotechnology Show and the Advanced Materials Show USA is THE place to be to get in touch with our potential customers!