Materic Group Electrospinning Web Series

Learn from the most advanced electrospinning experts in the world. Today we’re featuring the Materic Group’s first topic on our site: Scaleup and Industry Translation.

Q1: Scaleup and Industry Translation


Taking nanofiber innovations from benchtop to production is never easy, but we can show you that it’s more than doable. That’s why we’re featuring experts from industry and academia to discuss the challenges and solutions involved in scale-up electrospinning. Join us for our inaugural webinar series, in which we’ll show you how to scale electrospun inventions, understand the supply chain landscape, design your own pilot plant, and hit all the right specs you need to grow.

Quarterly Kickoff – Scaleup and Industry Translation

Date: Thursday, July 15, 2021 | Time: 11am – 12:30pm EST
Cost: Complimentary | Speaker: Moderated Panel Presentation

Join us in a panel moderated by Stephen Farias, PhD, where we will introduce our webinar speakers and discuss the broad world of electrospinning scaleup. With a background in mechanical engineering and materials science, and 5 years of experience translating electrospinning technologies from lab to fab, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to the field.

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