The Advanced Materials Show Connectivity Series: Chemicals

Chemicals are the foundations of our very existence and everything that happens on this planet. Things get really interesting when we come to think about how we can utilize this power from an external perspective in manufacturing.  New Jersey has a goal, to increase sustainability, drive manufacturing to new heights and overall create a lasting healthier impact through cutting-edge chemical innovation.

New Jersey has one of the highest amounts of chemical manufacturing output and exports in the US and the largest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile in the world. In the chemicals industry alone, there are over 50,000 jobs that have been created directly and indirectly within the region.

It is within the top ten for chemical producing states, and a significant amount of this investment is diverted into the advanced materials industry. Globally, over 96% of products from food to beauty to technology, incorporate some form of chemistry – making it the backbone of manufacturing.   

The world’s biggest producers including BASF North America, Solvay, Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil and many more are stationed in the heart of New Jersey and are constantly broadening their portfolio, research and development programs. The industry has not been slowed down by Covid but rather propelled forward in the face of adversity, with major developments including BASF Ultramid®, a high-performance polyamide with long glass-fiber reinforcement, Dow introducing new silicone technologies that advance electric/hybrid vehicle performance, reliability and sustainability and ExxonMobil’s involvement in Scotland’s The Acorn Project which could capture and store 5-6 million tons of CO2 per year by 2030.

The capabilities of the advanced materials industry are only just starting to scratch the surface and as time progresses it becomes clear that the abilities are increasing to utilize these technologies in a modern world. Ways in which we are seeing developments are in:

  • Enantioselective Organocatalysis – Creating Catalysis without using precious metals such as gold to fuel as a catalyst.
  • Dual ion batteries – Secondary batteries with high power charging capabilities.
  • Flow Chemistry – Reactions run in a continuous stream to maximise productivity and minimise risk and harm to personnel and the environment.

The Advanced Materials Show is a dedicated show for end users, product developers, OEM’s and the entire material manufacturing supply chain. Those who visit will have a shared focus on seeking the latest materials, innovations and technology and will find new products, suppliers and partners all under one roof. Featured exhibitors include Swan Chemical, a chemical manufacturing company that service the domestic and international markets and export to over 80 countries worldwide and Rhineland Specialties supporting critical supply chains for advanced materials and nanotechnology, ceramics, energy, speciality coatings, and high-performance end applications.

Alongside the expo we have a world class conference in which our opening keynote session ‘Building a sustainable New Normal with Advanced Materials Innovation’ is led by Preeti Kamakoti, Technology Lead – Data Driven Materials R&D at ExxonMobil.

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The Advanced Materials Show USA

October 13th – 14th 2021