Understanding Micro-Mechanical Properties of Your Samples Using the Linkam Modular Force Stage (MFS)

Glenn Miller and Robert Gurney

Presenters: Glenn Miller, McCrone Microscopes & Accessories and Robert Gurney, Marketing and Applications Specialist at Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd.

When advanced or exotic materials are used in novel ways, understanding their micro- and thermo- mechanical properties is increasingly important and failure modes need to be well understood. Linkam’s Modular Force Stage is designed to characterize the mechanical properties of your samples.

In this free webinar, representatives from The McCrone Group and Linkam Scientific present an overview of the modular force testing systemGain a better understanding of microscopic and thermo-mechanical properties on a wide variety of samples and applications.

See the transcript on their site: https://www.mccrone.com/mm/understanding-micro-mechanical-properties-of-your-samples/